Friday, May 20, 2011

night time is close.

It’s raining outside. I always have problems getting going when it’s raining.
I haven’t wrote anything in awhile on this or music related, I don’t really feel bad about that. I just finished my bands cd so I’m kinda taking a break.
I have zero cigarettes.
I think I’m gonna spend the day watching movies but I doubt I’ll actually have enough movies to watch to complete that goal.
I have a girlfriend now! She’s pretty great. Her name is Jessica. I know so many fucking Jessica’s it’s getting kinda ridiculous but back to the subject. Whenever we hang out I calm down a lot and I’m not so anxious and I really like that feeling.
Taco bell’s order taking skills are seriously so under-par it makes me upset. I fell like they just give you a bunch of random shit and are like here you go.
I think their mentality is that it all tastes the same so why should it matter what’s in the bag.
I hate when one of your good friends is really upset and you just don’t know what to say to them. It makes me upset that someone I care for seems to be so distressed.
I wish I knew how to distill hope.
I think I’m gonna take some time for music and focus on finally finishing a script or create something new. Maybe I’ll get back into visual art. It really doesn’t make a difference to me.
But anyways I’m gonna go make coffee and watch some John Hughes movies.


Thursday, May 19, 2011


I’m writing this incredibly tired.
I like when it’s rains just a little bit and it’s not really too wet. today was one of those days. I had a kinda busy day so I’m think I’ll be able to sleep well. The other night I woke up  and I swore someone else was in my room. It really freaked me out. I’ve been sleeping kinda light since it happened. Also my window was open and it was not when i went to sleep but it got really hot in the morning so the air felt very good. This makes me think that this ghost stalker thing is kinda nice. So I’m cool with it.
I went to jess’s birthday party today.I was thinking about it all week and was kinda excited for it. Then I got there and immediately wanted to leave. So I wished her a happy birthday and left. I doubt she’ll remember it as she was drunk as hell.
I really want something real and I know everyone else does too but damn. Meeting new people gets a lot harder after high school. All I do is work and go home with the sprinkling of me hanging out with friends. Most of my friends are either in stable relationships or just not dating. I want the first.
We had a bonfire the other day and we had this discussion about marriage and what age is correct to get married at. Everyone kept spouting out ages in the late twenties, thirties and even forties. Some said It wasn’t really about age but about where they were in their career. I said that if I met the woman I wanted to marry and I was sure of it I would do it right away. I mean if I knew she was the one why wait? I’ve had a lot of girlfriends and not to be crude slept with a decent amount of girls so it’s not like I need to have my wild years. I’m ready to be steadily content.
But that’s all I can think of to say tonight so I’m heading to bed.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Woods

 My friends and I are currently in the pre production stages for making our first horror film. We're going to shoot it with a Blair witch style camera because we don't really have the budget to purchase a nice enough camera to do stationary shots. The cast is about twelve of our closest friends with my roommate and I heading up the writing and directing. The story centers around a series of disappearances in the woods near our main characters house. initially the news blames wild animals but as the protagonists know there are  little to no animals in the woods.With further investigation a killer is revealed to be residing in the woods. unlike most movies we won't be going after the killer but will be forced to interact with him trough his actions. I'm really excited for this . We plan to be done with shooting july 4th I'll be sure to post a link to to it on here.


   So fuck construction paper and fancy borders, here’s to blogger.

  Today was a good day. I woke up early and the first thing i did was clean the kitchen. i knew it had to be done but had been putting it off. I find it strange that their are always more bowls in the sink, but i don’t remember using them. I went to the d.m.v and passed my drivers test. i should get my I.d in the mail in a week. this is good because it means i won’t have to deal with with clerks who are convinced I’m just a big fifteen year old.
   I have started rolling my own cigarettes because its cheaper and if i have to go through the trouble of rolling one every time i want one i should cut back. It’s incredible how effective my laziness is. I’ve been doing this for a few days now and have still gotten no better at rolling. this is incredibly frustrating.
   I played guitar for about an hour today. i recently took about a month break of not playing at all . it feels good to be back at it. I’m currently trying to find someone to record my E.P with me but I really don’t know anyone who will do it. I’ll probably end up doing it myself.
    I’m starting to truly dislike my cellphone. It’s annoying and is always dying, kinda like Brett Micheals. It’s vibrate changes from barely audible to bring the fucking roof down at will and sometimes just shuts its self off. I’m seriously this phone’s bitch. example-
    me-” Hey phone, do you mind if make a call? It’s kinda important.”
     My phone is quite because It’s a bitch and is dead or off.
     Bottom line- fuck my phone.
     I think when I’m done with this I’ll go watch HBO.
    I’m going driving tomorrow and I’m nervous.
    I’m also going to start a song- a- day thing, I’m gonna stick to it.
    I hate when people say something with a weird inflection or accent and you can’t understand them and when you ask them nicely to clarify and they get offended.
     Fuck that.
    The title of this blog is counting to a thousand, so every day I’m gonna add a day to the counter. That’s all together 2.7 years.
     I’m excited and terrified and hopeful for everything to come in the next couple of years.