Thursday, May 19, 2011


I’m writing this incredibly tired.
I like when it’s rains just a little bit and it’s not really too wet. today was one of those days. I had a kinda busy day so I’m think I’ll be able to sleep well. The other night I woke up  and I swore someone else was in my room. It really freaked me out. I’ve been sleeping kinda light since it happened. Also my window was open and it was not when i went to sleep but it got really hot in the morning so the air felt very good. This makes me think that this ghost stalker thing is kinda nice. So I’m cool with it.
I went to jess’s birthday party today.I was thinking about it all week and was kinda excited for it. Then I got there and immediately wanted to leave. So I wished her a happy birthday and left. I doubt she’ll remember it as she was drunk as hell.
I really want something real and I know everyone else does too but damn. Meeting new people gets a lot harder after high school. All I do is work and go home with the sprinkling of me hanging out with friends. Most of my friends are either in stable relationships or just not dating. I want the first.
We had a bonfire the other day and we had this discussion about marriage and what age is correct to get married at. Everyone kept spouting out ages in the late twenties, thirties and even forties. Some said It wasn’t really about age but about where they were in their career. I said that if I met the woman I wanted to marry and I was sure of it I would do it right away. I mean if I knew she was the one why wait? I’ve had a lot of girlfriends and not to be crude slept with a decent amount of girls so it’s not like I need to have my wild years. I’m ready to be steadily content.
But that’s all I can think of to say tonight so I’m heading to bed.


  1. If you want it, go for it!

    If you don't know if you want it yet, go take a walk and stare at clouds. Clouds are nice.

  2. Maybe it was because you mentioned it, but I could tell you were tired when writing this post, haha.

  3. Keep up these great posts, enjoyed reading them.